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About Me.

Web Developer

An American entrepreneur with over 30 years in WAN/LAN/Internet Networking,20 years in Web Design and Internet application development and 8 years in Internet Marketing Strategies, also MSCE and CCIE certified. Using this experience to form my own consulting firm.

Broad experience in all aspects of PC computing, building and repair, including expertise in a wide variety of software applications. Artistic Web design and development have taken up most of my time recently. Along with Social Media Marketing adding spice to my overall interaction with the world.

I specialize in helping small start-ups and mom and pop home businesses. I enjoy helping people realize their internet independent business dreams. I offer free consulting to young people looking to establish a web presence sometimes even providing site design and hosting.

Specialties: Web Design and development, branding, internet marketing strategies, Digital coaching, logo creations, Surveillance systems.

Personal Information

  • NameBruce Keller
  • AgeVintage
  • ResidenceSt. Louis Metro, USA
  • AddressO'Fallon, IL
  • Phone+1 618.624.4977
  • FreelanceAvailable


Web Development

I have over 20 years experience as a Web Delveloper. I specialize in helping small businesses get noticed

Web Design

We help you plan and conceptualize your content for the internet helping to improve your Brand and promote your products or services .

Responsive Design

Helping your sites work smoothly on your desktop and mobile devices.

Digital Marketing

By utilizing internet and online based digital media platforms we can promote your products or services.


My Experience/Skills


  • Entrepreneur

    Netittogether, IL & MO, USA

    I have been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. My primary focus was Digital products consulting. I also ventured into the real estate world owning and managing Multi-family apartment buildings in the St. Louis, MO metro area.

    1998 2020
  • Digital Marketing

    Netittogether, IL & MO, USA

    Began social media marketing for many companies both in Missouri and Illinois.

    2020 2005
  • Web Developer

    Netittogether, IL & MO, USA

    I began designing and developing websites pratically from the beginning, 1995. Now ofcourse I focus mainly on developing on the Wordpress platform which allows me to focus more on the design aspect rather than the overall integrity and security of the site which is taken care of with Wordpress.

    2020 2003


  • Graphics Design Certification

    Canva Graphics Design for Entrepreneurs

    Certification course developed by Jeremy Deighan and Phil EIbiner.

    2005 2006
  • Web Design certification

    sessions college for professional design

    Exceptional web design course

    2009 2010
  • Landlord Education Certification

    Landlord certification

    Comprehensive landlord education.

    2012 2011

Design Skills







Coding Skills





Video Production


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O'Fallon, IL, USA
(+1) 618.624.4977